Frequently Asked Questions

JumboSync is an authentication and user management platform for application developers. Our no-code workflow builder, SDKs, and APIs enable developers to easily create secure and frictionless authentication flows for every user interaction.
By abstracting away the implementation details of authentication methods, session management, risk management, and error handling, Descope helps developers spend more time on core app initiatives.
We offer different flavors for every type of app developer.

Use JumboSync Flows to create user-facing screens and authentication flows directly in the Descope console.

Use JumboSync Client SDKs to easily integrate any passwordless authentication method into your app without having to worry about session management implementation.

Use JumboSync Backend SDKs to connect your app server directly to our service.

Use the JumboSync REST API to build authentication for your app while owning all the nitty-gritty


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Our goal is to lighten the burden of authentication and user management from app developers’ shoulders, enabling them to do their best work.